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A/N: I started this story about 2 years ago and when I started writing again. So forgive any and all writing errors.

Chapter 1:I'm Leaving Today, Livin' it, Leaving it To Change

August 1966

Cassandra or Cassie as she preferred to be called pulled into the drive way of her new place on Beechwood Drive. She had just left Mr. Babbitt's place after signing the rental contract, getting the keys to the pad, and directions to the place. The only reason she was able to get a place so soon was because her Nana had known Mr. Babbitt when she was alive. Not that her Nana ever really liked Babbitt, but she got along with him. Her dad had told her to look Babbitt up when she got to Malibu, California. The only reason he let her rent a house from him was because he thought highly of Elin Hill and was sad to hear that she had died nearly two years before.

From her dad she knew Babbitt's apartments were practically falling apart and as Mom would say in a thick West Virginia accent it wouldn't be worth the rent money. But she wasn't going to be home a lot because she would be working and going to college full time to see it fall apart before her eyes. The only good thing about this place is that it was right next to the beach. She walked out of the car looked at all she had packed into her car plus the U-Haul she had attached to her hitch on the bumper. She thought, this is going to take forever to unpack I should ask one of my neighbors to help me load it into the house.

She walked to the passenger side of the car, grabbed Jasmine her dog lead and walked Jasmine around. When Jasmine was done, she walked to her house and put Jasmine in the house. Normally Babbitt didn't let his renters have animals, but for several reasons he made an exception. She walked over to 1334 Beechwood Drive, the house next to hers, and just stood at the door wonder whether she should knock on the door and ask for help.

"Here we go. Now or never," she said with her nerves working over time and fighting what courage she had built up.

She knocked on the door. Someone with a green woolhat had lifted the peephole to see who had knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door opened and he said, "Come on in and sorry it took so long we thought you were someone else."

"That's all right," Cassie said, "I wasn't in a hurry."

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Cassandra Hill, but most people call me Cassie," she said.

"Hey Cassie nice to meet you I'm Mike Nesmith and these are my roommates. Hey guys get over here," Mike said. Two out the three guys walking towards her and Mike were cute. One of them was short and the other was tall and had straight, brown hair. Thank goodness my neighbors are guys she thought at least they weren't a bunch of girly-girls who complain if they break a nail.

"Hey guys this is our new neighbor Cassandra Hill," Mike said.

"Hi, I'm Micky Dolenz," the guy with straight, brown hair said.

"Hi, I'm Peter Tork," the tall blonde said shyly.

When Davy and her looked each other in the eyes both of them had stars in them, but Cassie quickly averted her eyes to something else and blushed. Everyone else saw it and thought oh, no Davy's in love again.

"`Ello, I'm David Jones, but everyone calls me Davy," the short one said.

"Well most people call me Cassie, but you don't have to," Cassie said, "I just moved in next door and I was wondering if you guys could help me."

"Sure, darlin'. We will help you right guys," Mike said with a deep Texas accent

"Right. We will help you," the other three said.

"So where are you from?" Micky asked.

"I'm from West Virginia. It's practically the butt of every joke next to Texas," Cassie said.

"I was wondering why your accent would come and go when you were talking. I'm from Texas," Mike said.

"I know I have a slight southern accent. I have lived there more on then off since I was four. I have been working on getting rid of it since I was about 13 or so. So you know what I am talking about. The past month I have been in Colorado and then a couple days ago I stayed with my Aunt Vicki who lives a just north of here," Cassie said.

"Yeah I know what you're talking about. Who do you know in Colorado?" Mike asked.

"My dad and my soon to be step mom," she said.

"Oh, how did you know about the place next door was for rent?" Micky asked.

"My dad told me to look up Mr. Babbitt and see if he had a place for rent. My Nana, my dad's mom, knew him a long time. That's the only reason I got the place next door was my grandmother," Cassie said.

"That's great. That's who we thought you were before we let you in except you weren't yelling at us for the rent," Micky said.

"I can understand that. My Nana wasn't too fond of him and I found that out growing up, but it got me a place to stay."

"So why did you move here?" Micky asked.

"One: I'm going to college. Some of my aunts help me get applications to colleges here though I'm going to a community college. Two: to get away from my mom. We get along better sometimes not in the same house. I love her. I just think she's a little crazy. I think most daughters think that way about their mothers. Sorry I talk a lot," Cassie said.

"Well that's interesting. So you didn't stay with your dad very long because your going to college here. Groovy," Micky said.

"Well we better help her unpack, guys," Mike said.

"Thanks for helping me, guys," Cassie said.

"You're welcome, luv," Davy said.

She unlocked the backdoors of her car and the U-Haul. Then she heard Jasmine bark and said, "Hold on guys before you bring some of those boxes in. I need to put my dog Jasmine in the bathroom, because I don't want her to run off and she's not very fond some people she doesn't know." She went inside and put Jasmine in the bathroom. She made sure the bathroom door was shut by slamming the door. Then she walked out and left the door. She went to the car and grabbed a couple boxes. She brought some of the boxes into the house and trailing behind her were the guys. She told them to set her belongings in what was going to be the living room before she decided what was going where. Before she realized it all of her stuff was in the living room. She started opening boxes to go through them. Micky started in the box marked books and noticed she had all there of The Lord of The Rings novels.

"Groovy, you read the Lord of the Rings," Micky said.

"Yep, that's one of my favorite series. I can't wait until a movie is made. I even have the `Frodo Lives' pin somewhere," Cassie said.

"That's groovy by the way where do you want the books any way?" Micky asked.

"Um, follow me," Cassie said as she looked for a room in the house to put the books in.

When she finally found the room that would work she said, "Micky this room,."

"Okay," Micky said.

Micky went downstairs to grab the box and take it upstairs. Then he came down he figured that she would want to go through it and decide what order the books go in. In on of the boxes Davy found a couple pictures and showed them to the guys. Then Cassie walked up to them and said, "What ya looking at?"

"Is this a picture of you?" Davy asked.

"Yeah I was about 8 or 9 when that picture was taken. I was at church for VBS when that was taken," Cassie said. How could I forget that picture I was still wearing thick glasses plus I was wearing a yellow shirt and shorts with the shirt tucked in. I was also leaning against the church and hands up behind my head.

Then she heard them laughing and she noticed which picture they were looking at. It was a picture from when she went camping with her friends and she had just woken up. One of her friends had taken that picture.

"When was this?" Micky asked.

"I think I was 15 or so. I was camping with friends," Cassie said, "Okay no more looking at pictures."

"Not even this one?" Davy asked and showing her horseback riding at camp.

"I was at an all-girls camp and one of the classes had been horseback riding. Though that wasn't the first time I was on a horse. The first time I had gotten on a horse was when I was living in Danese when I was ten and rode the younger sister of my boyfriend's horse. We all took turns and we three girls had a group picture taken afterwards. I remember it so well I fell off the horse. Brushed it and got back on. We also rode bare back that time because Brandy didn't have a saddle for the horse. I don't remember if it hurt when I fell all I was concentrating on was getting back on the horse," Cassie said.

"So you were experienced by this time in the picture from camp?" Davy asked.

"Not really but that week and a half helped me become more experienced," Cassie said, "I wish I could go more."

"Well let's get back to work, Davy. We can look at the pictures later," Mike said noticing that Cassie was getting a little uncomfortable.

She was glad that Mike got them to go back to work. She knew when some of those pictures were taken and she was still a little self-conscious about the how much she use to weigh even though she had went down to her goal weight. Eventually they had unpacked all the boxes or at least left them in the room where its contents belonged. When they were done they all sat on the floor since Cassie didn't have a couch yet.

Eventually they heard Micky's stomach rumble and all of the guys looked at him and said, "Micky why didn't you eat before we left?"

"I did before Cassie came over for help and didn't want to eat while we were help her that would be rude," Micky said.

"What's even more rude is how you eat, Micky," Davy said in a matter of fact way.

"Well I'm glad somebody mentioned the fact of eating, because I'm hungry. I only have stuff to make sandwiches. Actually all I have is Peanut Butter," Cassie said, "If anyone else is hungry follow me to the kitchen."

They followed her to the kitchen. She grabbed a bag and took out the food that was in it, but all she had was peanut butter, bread, and a couple bags of pretzels. She grabbed a knife from the silverware drawer.

"Where's the jelly?" Micky said.

"Well, one I don't like jelly with my peanut butter and two the jelly wouldn't have lasted the trip or in this house without any power to fridge," Cassie said.

"This will work. Besides if she doesn't like she doesn't like it. Everyone has different foods they do or don't like," Mike said.

"Hey Peter could you get five plates from the cabinet? Please." Cassie asked, "Since someone put the plates where the only way I can reach them is with a chair."

"Yes, I'll get them," Peter said.

"Thanks Peter," Cassie said.

"You're Welcome, Cassie," Peter said.

"Sorry Cassie," Micky said, "I didn't realize you were as short as Davy."

Everyone laughed except Davy.

"Yes, I know I am short compared to you guys, but I am actually average for a girl. Actually I think I'm a little bit taller than him. I'm almost 5'4". Besides I'm use to being called short especially by my best friend, Mary. How many sandwiches would you guys like?" she said as she finished making two for herself and put them on a plate. Then she set it aside.

"Two," all for of them said.

She fixed eight sandwiches. She put two sandwiches on each plate. She also opened the bag of pretzels grabbed a handful and put them on her plate. The guys did the same thing and followed Cassie into the living room. She went to the bathroom door and asked, "Do you guys mind if I let her out, but mind you she's a little questionable around strangers."

They all said, "Go on let her. She has to get use to us sooner or later."

She let Jasmine out. Jasmine started barking and growling and Cassie popped her on the nose and said to the dog, "Stop it. Its okay they are in here. There is nothing wrong with them."

Mike asked, "How did you get Babbitt to let you have a dog?"

"Easy," she said, "several reasons. One: having to have a tenant and rent."

All agreed with her that Babbitt loved money. Every once in a while they would hear Jasmine growl mainly when Micky moved fast and Cassie would get onto Jasmine.

After she sat down on the floor she asked, "What do you guys do?"

"We are in a band called The Monkees and we look for work to pay the rent," Mike said as he sat down on the floor as well.

"That's groovy. I would love to see you guys play. I just love music. Music is one of my favorite things next to writing and reading," Cassie said.

What she didn't say however is that she believes it heals the soul and it helped in a dark period of her life.

"Well you could come over and watch us practice or when we have a gig," Micky said.

All the guys agreed.

"I'd like to see you guys perform," Cassie said.

"What are you going to college for, luv?" Davy asked as he sat down next to her.

"I'm going to school to become a teacher," Cassie said.

"What are you going to teach?" Peter asked.

"Music, actually," Cassie answered, "Actually I surprised one of you didn't bring it up when you took my guitar and piano to the library."

"We know you play a couple instruments. But what type of music will you be teaching: band or choir?" Mike asked.

"Choir. I'm more of a vocalist. Actually I'm a soprano. I always wanted to learn to play the piano and eventually the guitar, which I have learned how to play both. I write songs too, more lyrics than the melody," Cassie said.

"Really, that's groovy. Seems like music is your entire life like it is ours," Mike said.

"Yes and has been since I was a kid and it would get stronger with each passing year. That's why I decided to have a career in music instead of something else," Cassie said.

Eventually the finished eating their sandwiches. They noticed that Jasmine was not growling or barking at them anymore and that Peter was playing with her. She had taken to Peter.

"Peter would love to have a dog, but Babbitt won't let us have one," Mike said.

"Hey Peter, since Jasmine likes you would you like to take her for walks when I'm not home and going to be gone for most of the day?"

"Yeah that would be great," Peter said. "I thought it would. I'll show you where Jasmine's leash is going to be before I start school," she said.

While she checked her finger nails she said jokingly, "Oh look, I broke a nail."

Hopefully one of them got it.

Davy said, "Let me see. Do you need to use an emery board?"

All the guys laughed at him

She said, "I was just joking. If it bothered me and would have to do any maintenance on them I would clip my nails."

The other Monkees busted out laughing even more when they realized that she wasn't really prissy or girly.

Then Mike looked at his watch and said, "Guys it's getting late. We better go back home. It was nice meeting you Cassie. We had some fun. Hope to see you over sometime. Bye," Mike said.

"Bye, Cassie," Micky said.

"Bye, Cassie," Peter said.

"Bye, Cassandra," Davy said.

"Bye, guys," Cassie said.

When Davy said goodbye that was the only time he said my name she thought. I wonder if he likes me. Both Davy and Micky are cute. Micky's funny and Davy's cuter, sweet, and a gentleman. Not that the rest aren't. I wonder why he called me Cassandra; most people call me Cassie once they know that I will answer to Cassie.

She walked upstairs to her room and changed into her nightclothes. She grabbed a blanket and a couple pillows then sat them on the bed. She went to the box that had Jasmine's bed and put it on the floor for Jasmine to sleep on. Thinking I have a lot of work tomorrow. Starting in here. Until tomorrow she thought before she fell asleep.

Chapter 2:Nothin' New Under the Moon `til You

The next day Cassandra spent most of the morning working on the house. In the living room she was putting pictures up. She put the bookshelf together and put her books on it. She worked on her bedroom. By the time she had finished it was nearly noon.

She decided to take the guys offer and go over and watch them practice. But she decided to take a shower. She had to take a shower at their house since she didn't have any water yet. She grabbed a duffle bag and put all her clothes and toiletries in the bag. She walked next door. She knocked at the door. Micky came to the door and opened it.

"Hey Cassie, moving in or cleaning our pad?" Micky asked.

"Can I use your guys' shower? I don't have any water at my place yet." Cassie said.

"Yeah, sure. Come on in. I'll show you were it's at," Micky said.

"Micky, you can say it. I look like crap. I know it. I can tell by the expression on your face," Cassie said.

"Is it that obvious?"

"For me it is, even though I don't know you. I know how to interpret people's action when I am observing them. It's something I do since I am quiet and reserved. Somewhat."

"Oh well here's the bathroom. It's at your disposal. I tell the guys you're in here."

"That would be great, Micky. I don't need anybody walking in on me."

"Do you need any towels or something?"

"No. I have everything in here."

Cassie walked into the bathroom.

"Hey guys," Micky said.

All the guys went to living room to meet Micky.

"What do you want?" the guys said.

"Cassie's here. She's taking a shower. No one go in the bathroom, especially you Davy," said Micky.

All the guys laughed and Davy asked, "Why are you singling me out?"

"I know you too well, Davy. We all know you like her and you'll do anything to get her attention," Micky said.

While she was in the shower she sang her favorite Beatles songs "Love Me Do" and "Please, Please Me" over and over again.

While she was in the shower, the guys were listening to her sing as best they could through the door. They walked back to the living room just as she turned off the water to the shower.

Now Cassie was thinking I need to use their phone to call Aunt Vicki, the water company, and the power company. I'll take my stuff back to my place first. She dressed, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and put all of her stuff back in the duffel bag. She walked out of the bathroom and walked down the stairs.

"Hey guys," she said in a cheery voice.

"Hey, Cassie," Micky said.

"Hey," Mike said.

"Hey," Peter said.

"Hey, Cassandra," Davy said.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. I am going to take my bag back to my place." Cassie said.

She walked over to her place went inside set her stuff down. She decided to take Jasmine for a short walk. Then she went back to her pad and put Jasmine inside. She walked back to The Monkees' pad. She knocked on the door. Mike let her in.

"Guys I don't want to ask for a lot of things from you guys, but do you mind if I use the phone?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, sure. Just don't act like other girls and talk a long time," Micky joked.

"I don't think I won't to talk to people at the Water Company, Power Company, or Phone Company a long time anyways," Cassie said.

She called all the companies and told them where she lived. All of them had made an appointment the next day. Then she called her Aunt Vicki.

"Hey, Aunt Vicki," Cassie said, "How is everything?"

"Hey, Cassie. I'm great, have you called your mom or dad yet?" Vicki asked.

"No. I decided to call you first since you let me stay at your place and tell you how I am doing."

"Oh. So Babbitt let you have a place?"

"Yeah. He let me have a place."

"Do you need any help unpacking or anything around your house?"

"No. It's all done besides you don't need to be lifting lots of things because of your back."

"You're done packing? In one day?"

"I had help from my neighbors and finished it up today. They're total gentlemen."

"I would think they would be. How else do you mean that?"

"I had to take a shower here at their place since I don't have water yet."

"Oh. They didn't try anything?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

"Well, I can't wait to see your place and meet your nice neighbors."

"I can't wait for you to come over here either. Take care of yourself."

"You, too. Call your mom and dad."

"I will. Love you. Bye."

"Love you. Bye."

She set the phone into the base.

"Thanks guys for everything," she said.

"Aw, no problem. You were talking to you're aunt, was she the one you talked about yesterday?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. She's my mom older sister," Cassie said

"Oh. So everything straightened out?" Mike asked.

"Oh yeah, they'll be here tomorrow." Cassie said.

"That's great," Micky said.

"When do you guys usually practice?"

"We could practice now. If you want to watch, besides we really need to practice," Micky said.

They started practice with "Last Train to Clarksville." They also played "Take a Giant Step", "Sweet Young Thing", "I Wanna Be Free" both versions, "Saturday's Child", "The Monkees", "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day", "Let's Dance On", and "Papa Gene's Blues."

During practice she was thinking how great they were. Mike was a great guitarist and Peter was a great Bassist. Micky and Davy were great singers. Micky was a great drummer.

During the practice she would occasionally watch Davy dance during one of the fast songs and thought he was a really great dancer. She couldn't really keep her eyes off Davy.

When they finished "Papa Gene's Blues" they said, "So what do you think?"

"You guys are awesome. Pretty groovy. It's refreshing to actually see guys want to perform music." Cassie said.

"Thanks. What do you mean it's refreshing?" Peter said.

"Guys in the part of the south were I come from which is WV, think performing music vocally is a waste of their time. Basically," she said.

"Oh," Peter said.

"I know what she's talkin' about. It's kind of the same in Texas," Mike said.

Cassie looked at her watch and said, "Well I better go. It's getting late and I have a long day tomorrow."

She walked toward the door and Davy ran to her.

"Do you need any company?" Davy asked.

"That would be nice but it's not necessary." Cassie said.

He walked with her to her house. When they reached the door he asked, "Would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Yes, but how about Friday. Um, I have orientation, schedule classes, and buy books for those classes, besides getting everything turned on here," Cassie said.

"Friday works. So we probably won't see you at all tomorrow, Sandra?" Davy asked.

What did he just call me? she thought. Then she said, "Probably not, Davy. I'll be really busy. But I'll try to come over if I not too tired."

"Well, see you Friday then," Davy said.

She walked in the door. Fixed her a sandwich for dinner and she took Jasmine for a walk. She couldn't believe Davy asked her out. She liked him and wanted him to ask her out, but she was still surprised. Usually boys didn't ask her out on a date.

I gonna have to find something nice to where she thought and I should pick it out tomorrow. She went back into her house.

Davy was in total bliss walking back to the pad. He was glad she said yes. He walked in to the house and didn't notice the guys looking at him.

They knew what was going on, but he was oblivious to everything around him. Both of them couldn't wait until Friday.
Chapter 3: Love Is Only Sleeping

After she walk up the first company to arrive was the water company. She filled out all that was necessary and the water was turned on. The same thing happened with the power and phone companies.

She found a pair of nice jeans and a T-shirt and went to the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower. Then she got dressed brushed her long blonde hair and put it up into pony tail. She walked to her VW Bug and drove to the college. She drove to Hartnell College.

Orientation went by so fast she barely remembered anything the speakers said. Orientation last at least two hours. She went to the scheduling center and decided what classes she was going to take. She decided to take only four: English, Science, Math, and Philosophy. She was just going to start with her core classes before she started taking any music classes. Once she was done with that she went to the bookstore. She asked for help to find her books then once she found all of them she paid for them.

She bought a late lunch at the schools cafeteria. She sat down and at a table adjacent to her were three girls sitting there talking to each other. She wasn't trying to listen to them but she couldn't help they were so loud.

"He hasn't called me back to go out again," said the girl whom she later found out her name was Emily.

"I told you to watch out. I told you Davy's a player," her friend Cari said.

"I think he's to busy with his friends to pay attention," Emily said.

"You he's to busy goofing around in a band with his friends," Cari said.

"Cari be nice," Emily said.

"You stop being naïve. You got burned just like I told you you would Emily," Cari said.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but do you happen to be talking about Davy Jones who's in a group called the Monkees?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, why?" Emily said.

"I just moved here and living next to them. All of them seem nice. Just nice information to know," Cassie said.

"Well now you know how one of them can be," Cari and Emily said.

Cassie finished her lunch in silence thinking about what the girls had said about Davy. Was it true? Was he really a player? She didn't want to get involved with a guy like that. If he was the type of guy who would sleep with a girl or go on one date and then just throw her away like yesterday's trash then he wasn't worth her time. What type of girl did he think she was? Did he think she was that easy? She was totally inexperienced when it came to that department, but she had a few boyfriends none of them leading to sex. She didn't know whether to break of the date or keep it. She really liked him, but she didn't want to get hurt.

She went to a clothing store and bought a new shirt and top. She bought a white dress shirt and a red knee length skirt. She knew at home that she had a pair of shoes that would go with it. When she tried them on it she thought she looked great. When she brought it home she found the shoes she was thinking about. She put them together for the next day. She thought I should call Mary and tell everything that has happened. I also should call Dad and tell him that I have settled in and ready for school. She did neither and waited to call Mary after the date even though Mary would threaten to kill her for not telling her before then.

Next day she decided to call her dad. She waited for someone to answer the phone. Her future step mom Donna answered the phone.

"Hello," Donna said.

"Hey Donna is Dad there?" Cassie asked.

"No he's not here right now. Would you like him to call you?" Donna asked.

"Yeah. Let me give you the number," Cassie said giving Donna her new number.

She got off the phone. Even with the news of how Davy was she was still excited to go on a date with him, but nervous at the same time to tell him she wasn't going on another date with him if he asked. Davy seemed cool as a cucumber but he was a little nervous for the date that evening. The day went by so fast for both of them that they didn't realize it was an hour before the date. The both started to get ready. Cassie went to her room to get ready.

Over at The Monkees' pad Davy went to the room he shared with Micky to get ready for his date with Cassie and once he found the right outfit he got dressed. Then he brushed his hair just right.

Cassie put on the white blouse and red knee length skirt with black dress shoes. She went to the bathroom, which is apart of her room, to decide what to do with her hair. She grabbed her house coat so her shirt wouldn't get wet, because she didn't want to look like she was apart of white t-shirt contest. She plugged in the curling iron to let it heat up while she was doing everything else.

She wet hair, brushed it, and put it in a pony tail. Then she heard a knock come from downstairs. She ran down the steps yelling, "I'm coming hold on."

She opened the door to opened it to see Davy on the other side like she expected to, but he was early.

She said, "You're early. Come on in. Why don't you sent down? I'm still getting ready. I'll be done in a few moments."

Davy thought I've heard that one before. Cassie went back to the bathroom and wet her hair again. Then put it in a pony tail again except the part she was going curl. Then she curled her long bangs in medium curls. Once she was done she took her house coat of and walked out of her room. Then she walked down the stairs.

Davy noticed what Cassie was wearing and was breath taken. He stared at her shirt where her breasts subtly shown through her v-cut white blouse. She almost felt exposed from the shirt she was wearing, because her breasts were the one place that she didn't loose any weight. At this moment she was cursing her Swedish genes.

When she finally made it down the stairs, Davy said, "You look smashing."

"Thanks Davy," said Cassie.

"Before I came over here the guys were giving me a hard time and asked if we like a chaperone," Davy said.

"Really," Cassie said walking over to the door, "Maybe we should take them up on their offer. I don't know you very well."

She started to laugh after she finished what she said.

"We'll just have to change that, won't we?"

"Yes we will. So what do you in store for me Mr. Jones?"

"Well how about I show you? Let's go in the Monkeemobile."

"The Monkeemobile?"

"Yeah the car in front of my pad."


They walked to the Monkeemobile, got in, and Davy drove them to their destination. Davy took her to a diner, then a movie, and then they went to the Vincent Van Go-Go to dance. They talked the whole date except when they were at the movies. They were constantly laughing at what the other said. Davy believed he was starting to like her more than he did most of the girls that he dated. They were still laughing as they walked to Cassie's door.

"Did you have fun? I hope you did," Davy said.

"Yeah. I had fun tonight," Cassie said dreading what was coming next.

"That's great. Would you like to go out again sometime?" Davy asked.

"I-I-I can't go on another date with you. Sorry. Bye Davy," Cassie said walked into her house and closed the door before Davy could say or do anything.

Davy was so confused walking back to the pad. He walked into the pad a little upset.

Mike said, "Is everything all right, shotgun? How'd the date go?"

Davy said, "It was going great. We where having a great time, you know laughing and everything. Then when I ask her if she wants to go out again she said no and ran into her house. I don't even understand it."

Micky said, "Well maybe she heard something about you when she was at school yesterday. Doesn't one of your `girlfriends' go where she's going?"

"Yeah, but I don't think Emily would tell her unless Cari was with her," Davy said.

"There you go shotgun. That's the problem. Also maybe she was in a bad relationship before and the news about you just didn't help. You like her don't you?" Mike asked.

"Well yeah, I like her and I know Sandra likes me," Davy said.

"Maybe you should give her sometime. I mean she just moved here and everything. She might not be ready to jump into a relationship, ya dig?" Peter said.

"I guess you're right," Davy said.

Meanwhile next door. Cassie was getting ready for bed. She thought to herself that it was the right thing to do, but she still felt bad about it. She was starting to fall in love with him. She was going to call Mary but she decided to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning she called Mary. Mary step-dad Donis answered the phone, "Hello, who is this?"

"It's Cassie. Is Mary there?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. Hold on. Mary, Cassie's on the phone she wants to talk to you," Donis said.

"Hey girl. How are you doing?" Mary said in her Kentuckian and West Virginian accent.

"Oh fine. I moved into a new place three days ago. I had a date last night," Cassie told Mary.

"You had date last night and you didn't tell until now. You're a lucky girl. Who's the guy?" Mary inquired.

"I know I'm a bad girl for not telling you. His name is Davy Jones. He lives next door and he's short," Cassie said.

"And?" Mary asked.

"He's a nice guy, but last night will be the only date we will go on."

"Why? Was he like Andy your last boyfriend?"

"Well, it's hard to explain. During the date he was a complete gentleman except the few times I saw him glancing at my chest, but he's not what he seems."


"Two syllables for you: Play and er."

"Really. If that's the case it's a good thing you didn't want to date him. You could've been hurt."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Is there more to it than what you told me," Mary said knowing how her best friend can be sometimes and know how to read between the lines better than Cassie own mother can.

"No," Cassie said lying a little.

"Okay, Uh-huh. If you say so. Well I gotta get off the phone. Talk to you later."

"Talk to you later. Bye."

Her dad called a couple hours later. She told him everything except about the night before. The talked for a little while, but her dad had to get off the phone because her dad and Donna were going somewhere. She got off the phone with her dad. She decided to call her mom later. She knew if she didn't she would here about her not calling from either her dad or Aunt Vicki.

Chapter 4: A New Beginning

Chapter Synopsis: Cassie thinks back on the past month. Mike, Micky, and Peter try to get their plan on getting Davy and Cassie together, but will it work?

A month passed since Cassie and Davy's date. She thought about it often. She mainly thought about their conversation that night after they had ordered dinner.

"So, Sandra, do you have any brothers or sisters?" Davy asked.

"No I don't. I'm an only child. Though I always wanted siblings, quite a few of my friends have been close enough to consider them family," Cassie said.

"Oh, well that's great. I have three older sisters, but they died years ago along with my parents. My grandpa raised me after that," Davy said.

"I'm sorry. My nana died a couple years ago. It was really devastating when I heard about that. She was the only grandparent in my life. So we were very close," Cassie said.

"I'm all right with it now. I'm sorry about your grandmother. What about your parents?"

"They are both alive. They're divorced. The divorce was finalized when I was about thirteen. It was for the best. They don't even get along apart. They get along enough for me. I had an older sister who died before I was born. I never met her. Mom had my sister Crystal before she met my dad. I was raised an only child."

"Well at least they try. Did they get remarried? You have an older sister. What she die from?"

"She died five days after she was born. She was born prematurely. So it was many reasons. My mom knows. I can't stand my step-dad though. He such a jerk sometimes to the point I hate him. My mom chose the worst guys after her and my dad separated the second time before the divorce was final. My dad has a fiancé. I like her. She's groovy in her own way."

"That's usually the way it is. Let's talk about something other than our families. So I noticed a picture of two young girls in your living room who are they?"

"Oh the blonde girl is me, when I was three I think and the other girl was my foster-sister Michelle. My parents tried to adopt her, but she was taken out of our home and put into a different home because the system wanted her to be raised by someone who was the same race she was. It was freaking stupid is what it was."

"So you're parents never tried to adopt any more kids after that?"

"No and they never had anymore kids after me either. Crystal and I were lucky to be born."

"Cassandra, now that's a pretty name, but what is your middle name?"

"It's Marie."

"Cassandra Marie Hill. That's really pretty."

"Thanks, my dad liked it better than Leanna Rose. I thank him secretly for liking the name I was given. I mean I like Leanna as a name I just don't like Rose."

"That's funny. Your dad picked your name out."

"That's not as funny as some of the things that Mary and I have said or done. Or even before I was friends with Mary."

"Like what?"

"We had a really bad ice storm in WV, well my mom got this idea to, once it was over, to walk to a friend's house. It was still icy. Well this guy I liked was visiting his grandma and his youngest sister pulled one of the extra chairs to the table. Nancy decided to go sit somewhere else. I decided to sit in the empty chair. Just as I start sitting done Nancy pulls the chair out from underneath me, not realizing that I was going to sit in the chair, and ended up on the floor. It's kind of funny actually." she said with a laugh while her face turned red from embarrassment.

"It kind of is isn't it?"

"Well when I'm talking to my best friend Mary and I start getting weird, she calls me a weirdo or a freak. And then I tell her Joshua 19 sometimes."

"Really. Why do you say Joshua 19?"

"It has to do with a guy she dated. They had broken up. Then Mary moved to Nettie, which is where I'm from. We became friends and she told me about Josh this older guy she had dated. Well he moves to Summersville, which is near Nettie. He calls her on the phone and asks her out again. She tells him that she might if he talks to her while they are both on the phone. Well sometime goes by she goes to church and the preacher tells everyone to turn to Joshua 19. She gets shocked look on her face and her mom asked her what's wrong and she tells her nothing. What was weird was that Josh's nineteenth birthday was in a couple days. So I say Joshua 19 just to annoy her just as a normal best friend does." Cassie said with a laugh.

"Well that is funny. So you do it a lot."

"No just when it strikes me to."

Then they went to the Vincent. Davy asked for a dance and she accepted.

"Sometimes the guys and I play here. Maybe you should come the next time we're here," Davy said. "Yeah that will be great."

As they were dancing she noticed Davy had taken a few glances at her breast and occasionally at her swaying hips to which he said, "Do you dance a lot?"

"Not all the time just at home when I listen to music. The occasional camp dance and school dances, but I didn't go to school dances all the time. "

"Well, you're great dancer."

"Thanks, I try," she said as she tried to stay serious, but busted out laughing instead.

She remembered the movie they watched. She laughed so much during they movie that her stomach hurt. When they left the movies theater and walking to the car Davy said, "Do you know who James Cagney is?"


"Well even though after I do the impression you probably want to see Micky do it. He's better at it anyway."

"Ok. If you say so."

"You dirty rat, you killed my brother, you dirty rat!"

"That was funny," she tried to say while laughing.


"Yeah, but I would like to see Micky do the James Cagney impression."

She came back to reality. She couldn't get it out of her head especially when she was around Davy. When she would leave school, she would sometimes study and do her homework over at the Monkees' pad, which was where she was. While she was supposed to be studying she would read one of Micky's comic books, which she was doing that minute.

After she had one glance in the living room, she noticed Mike, Micky, and Peter had left the room leaving her and Davy alone together before she could say or do anything. What she didn't know is that Mike, Micky, and Peter had a plan that they hope would work this time.

"This is the right thing to do guys. Neither of them has been happy in the past month, but Cassie has a good way of hiding it though," Mike said.

"Yeah, he's right. I mean think how many songs he's written about her since then. I mean he must really care for her." Micky said, but added, "And I don't blame her for acting that way. Remember what she told us happened between her and that Andy guy which then ruined their friendship."

"Shh, guys. Let's see what happens," Mike told them.

At that moment Davy was writing his latest song and practicing the percussion part to it. Every once in a while he would glance at her and when he felt she noticed he would look away. She the same.

Sitting down beside her and finally breaking the silence between them Davy said, "Sandra what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Davy. Why would you think that?" Cassie answered.

"Well one you've been avoiding me lately," Davy said.

"I can't explain it," Cassie said.

"We had a date about a month ago we went on a date and you decided not to go on another date with me," Davy said as calm as he could.

"Well with what happened between my ex-boyfriend Andy and I then when I heard what was or is going on between Emily and you I just got scared. I didn't want to get hurt," Cassie said.

"I know the guys told me and I have talked to Emily about how I feel about her," he said moving closer to her and moving the stack of comic books and her textbooks out of the way.


"Yes. You know what else? I haven't had a date in a month and it's driving me crazy," Davy said taking her hand, "But you know what else drives me crazy? You do."

"You drive me crazy, too," she said before he began to kiss her. Letting him taste her soft lips and not wanting him to stop, thought that he was such a great kisser. She began to get jealous at the thought of him kissing other girls and she thought damn girl you must really like him.

He stopped kissing to breathe and to say, "You know the guys are watching us right. I think they have been expecting and planning for this to happen."

She knowing why their plan hadn't worked began to blush. Davy gave her one brief kiss and said, "Guys you can come out know!"

Then Davy began to kiss her even more furiously than before like he was never going kiss her again and said, "Never mind fellas, stay where you are."

They ignored him and went back towards the living room. Micky told them before he sat down, "Get a room!"

"We did have a room, but you guys came in here," Cassie said before Davy could.

"Ha ha very funny I forgot how to laugh," Micky said every word dripping with sarcasm.

Cassie punched Micky in the arm as a response to what he said.

"Ow! Darn girl, you know pack a punch. Who taught you how to do that? Davy you got your hands full with this one, but I like her, she has spirit and I always told you that." Micky said.

"Wimp. One word: tomboy," Cassie said.

"I know Micky, that's why I like her," Davy said.

Another hour went by before Cassie checked the time. Cassie said, "Hey guys, what time is it?"

"It's about seven, luv," Davy said.

"Oh I gotta go home feed Jasmine and myself then go to bed. I have a math test tomorrow. I gotta be prepared for it." she said.

"Are you ready for it though?" Davy asked.

"Yeah, I do. I've been doing the course work. I feel pretty confident in my math skills right now," she said.

She picked up her books and put them in her pack. She told the guys thanks for letting her study at their pad. Davy walked her over to her place.

"Would you like to come in for a moment, Davy?" Cassie said.

"Sure," Davy answered.

As they walked in she set her pack down in a chair in the living room and asked Davy, "For next semester could you teach me to play the tambourine?"

"Sure, luv. Why?"

"For Fundamentals of course!"

"Well since it's for class, yes."

"Well I also want to spend time with you and not just for a passing grade, ok."

She walked over to him, hugged him, and leaned her hand on. Then she started to say, "I'm sorry for last month that was uncalled for."

Davy made her look at him and said, "It's okay. I understand. Hey let's say we forget about that one, luv."

He kissed and stopped. He held onto one hand as he opened the door to leave and said, "Bye, luv. Good luck on your test tomorrow. Tell me how it went, will you?"

Finally letting go of her hand, she said, "I will. Don't worry."
Second A/N: I am currently working on chapter 5. So it will be up as soon as I am done with it.


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