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Just So You Know

Title: Just So You Know
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Marny gets the role of dreams in a movie with Christopher Lambert.

My nerves are shot! The reason: I’m expecting a call back from the director of “The Protector” to tell me whether or not I got the part of Caiolin, the female lead. But most of all telling me if I get to work with Christophe Lambert or also know as to most of his U.S. fan base as Christopher Lambert. I know not much different, but if you’ve watched the Highlander movie series you’ll recognize his name.

Ah! How he fueled some of my fantasies during my early teens. The moment I watched the first Highlander flick, I was hooked. Granted, I had seen the series, but he only appeared in one episode and at that time I would have had to watch that episode to remember it. What had gotten me addicted to the much older man was his face. More specifically his eyes. He had this intense, piercing gaze that made you connect with any character he portrayed and that my friends made him sexy as hell. Even to this day I feel this. I could watch any movie from years gone by or recently and I would be drawn into him like a fly to honey.

I’ve been going on about his eyes, but that’s the sexiest part about him. He does have other attractive features like being kind of tall, nice muscular tone, and a French/Swiss accent from having French parents and growing up in Switzerland.

On top of that it would just awesome to meet him. I mean I would do anything just have lunch with him. The conversations you could have with this man would be interesting. The possibilities could be endless on what we would talk about.

But coming back to reality, I knew I had a good chance of making this possible. I was up against only one other person: Kristen Bell. I knew how easily this could tip in her favor considering this movie is an action/sci-fi movie and she had done similar pieces in the past. Meaning they could milk this for all it’s worth with the fact she had been the female lead in multimillion dollar movie series. Though that didn’t scare me. I had this role the moment I stepped into the audition room. I had worked my way up to this point playing the supporting roles in a lot of action and some sci-fi films. I spoke to her once at the audition. She didn’t even know who Christopher was which shocked the hell out of me. Because who didn’t know about Highlander. My philosophy when it comes to working in Hollywood: Know something about the people you’re going to work with, because it’ll help out in the end.

I really hope I get it. This would really be a dream come true.

The phone rings. I jump from the sound. This is the first time I heard that thing ring all freaking day. I run to the phone. I pick it up and put it to my ear. “Hello.”

“Marny! How are you doing?” my best friend greeted.

“Hey, girl. I’m fine,” I replied.

“Have you found out anything yet?” she asked.

“No,” I responded, nervously. “I hope I get a call soon. The suspense is killing me.”

“That sucks,” she complained for me. “Well, I’ll get off of here so you can get the call. Let know if you get the part or not later. OK?”

“Yeah, sure,” I agreed.

“You got the part, hands down,” she stated trying to reassure me. “Later.”

“Later,” I said as I got off the phone.

As soon as I got off the phone with my hair-brained best friend Leslie, I tried to do something around the house to get my mind of the, in my mind, the call of a lifetime. I started with doing the dishes but in the end I, one overfilled the sink, then two was so distracted that I washed a coffee mug for 10 minutes. Realizing I was getting anywhere with the dishes, I promptly moved onto dusting the living room. Holding one of the knickknacks I had in my hand, I finally became apparent to the fact of how tedious dusting was.

After I finished dusting, I moved on to prepare to mop the kitchen floor. I started with the typical sweeping. I stopped for a moment to listen for the phone, but nothing. I sighed as I went to put away the broom and took the mop and bucket in its place. I walked back to the kitchen and set everything in my hand down. I opened the cabinet underneath the sink and took hold of a generic cleaning solution. Once I had poured the solution into pail, I positioned it into sink and filled as high as necessary. I turned off the water and lifted it out. I staggered with the heavy bucket to the corner I want to. Before I reached the corner, I heard a noise which startled me and caused me to drop the bucket. The water spilled all over the floor and onto me.

“Crap!” I cursed as I stood in the middle of the kitchen dripping wet. Meanwhile the noise that was the phone ring kept on going and going.

I made a mad dash to the phone and answered it. “Hello,” I stated after a deep breath of air.

“Hello, may I speak with Marlene Campbell?” the male voice inquired.

“This is her,” I responded as my breathing returned to normal.

“Hello, Marlene. How are you today?” the caller asked. “It’s Marvin Jones the director.”

“Good. A little nervous, but good,” I replied.

“Great. I’m just calling to put your mind at ease,” the director revealed. “I wanted to call you personally. I”

“Did I get the part or what?” I asked bluntly. “Sorry, I’ve just been a complete wreck about this and could wait a few seconds more.”

He laughed. “That’s all right. If I was in your place I would be, too.” He paused for a few moments. “Well as I was saying, I wanted to call you personally. You see, you got the part. You are going to be Caiolin. I should tell you this. Christopher, as you know, is not only the male lead but he’s also the executive producer and saw all of your auditions for this movie. And from that he believed you two would have better chemistry as well as he doesn’t want the movie to be a success based the Twilight actress. Though she’s great”

“He wants it to be a success based on the script not who’s in it,” I interrupted him.

“Yes and he, as well as all of us, believes that you fit the part better,” Marvin explained.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Marvin.”

“No problem, Marlene. See you on the set in a month. We’ve booked everything for you. You’ll be flying United on the 17th. We’ll be sending you all the details within the week,” he informed.

“OK, thanks. See you in a month,” I stated as calmly as I could.

“No, thank you. Goodbye,” he affirmed as he ended the call.

I stood still letting the news sink in. Within a few moments I jumped up and down screaming at the top of my lungs. “I’m going to work with Christopher Lambert.” Plus all sorts of variations.

As I finished celebrating, I remembered that I had to call Leslie. I hastily dialed her number and waited impatiently for her to pick up the phone. “C’mon, c’mon pick it up Les.”

“Hey,” she answered lazily.

“It’s me girl. Guess what,” I implied.

“You got the part. Whoo-Hoo! Congratulations. I’m so proud of you,” she cheered. “You show Christopher what you’re made of … and that you’re the right woman for him!”

“Uh! Les! Thanks on all that, I think,” I expressed though a little unsure. “You make me sound like a woman up to no good.”

“Oh, come on Marny. The only reason you auditioned was so you could work with him. And you know almost all his movies there is a steamy, really steamy sex scene.”

“I know that,” I muttered, embarrassed. “I’m the one you introduced you to him.”

“I know,” she concurred, defeated. “You know what, we should celebrate tonight. I’ll bring the booze and we’ll do it at your place.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” I mused, happily. “See you when you get here. I’ll have something prepared.”

“All right, later,” Leslie got of the phone.

I looked at myself and at the mess I made earlier. I had a lot to do before she got to my place.